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Kobun teaching calligraphies


In the early 90s, the Zen Master Kobun Chino Roshi Otogawa a student of Shunryu Suzuki and close friend and confidant of Kanjuro Shibata XX., The Vienna Kyudo Group (Gako Kyudojo) gave, this series of three calligraphy. Kobun Chino, the Shibata Sensei already knew from Kyoto and with him Kyudo studied was instrumental in his invitation to the US and taught himself Kyudo commissioned by Shibata XX. As Kalligraphielehrer he enjoyed high recognition. A warmly thanks to Michael Rich for the translation of the three calligraphies.




By shooting with one’s own power, the rainwater of cultivation without a way is like losing the grain. (An archer who shoots according to his own style without receiving the teachings of a master is like the rainwater which flows without a channel, ruining the crops.)





By penetrating the inner teachings, the old horse in the midst of the snow of art seems to know the way. (The art which pursues the inner depths of the teaching to the limit never loses its way on the path. “The old horse knows the way” means that a well trained horse will always return home even if let loose in the middle of the mountains. The phrase “the old horse knows the way” comes from the unauthorized biography of Han Zi, which tells the story of when Duke Qi Heng got lost during an attack against Hu Zhu. Departing in the spring, he returned in the winter and got lost, whereupon Guan Zhong said “release an old horse” and they found their way.)





By practicing the method of shooting, the dewy flower of virtue has blessings like increasing color. (As for the method and ethics of shooting, the virtuous brilliance of attaining the correct path as taught by the master is as beautiful as the moisture laden flora growing in vitality.)